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Modern Shapes Editions offers handcrafted editions of unique sculptures by leading international artists. First launched in September 2022, these editions form an evolving and eye-catching collection of contemporary sculptural artworks.

Our editions stand at the crossroads between design, art and architecture. Each exclusive piece – boasting elegant and refined aesthetics – intimately touches on and interacts with these three closely related worlds.

Available in either open or limited editions, these timeless and desirable objects can match or complement interior projects. We believe that our editions will appeal especially to professionals in interior design or architecture, plus art aficionados and design lovers in general.

Our editions represent the creations of a carefully curated yet diverse selection of artists. Hailing initially from both sides of the Atlantic, our artists come with different skillsets and backgrounds. Some are still making their first career waves, whilst others are solidly established internationally. All the artists share a passion for handcrafting a range of natural or manmade materials, which naturally lend themselves to transformation into wood editions.

Modern Shapes Editions are licensed by the original artist and handcrafted by talented artisans in our own art studio in central Java, Indonesia. First opened in 1999, it is rightly reputed as one of the world’s finest woodcrafting workshops, with a dedicated workforce that lives and breathes the medium of wood.

Today our studio employs a professional team of more than 200 artisans – highly skilled carvers, turners and carpenters. Thanks to their incredible skills and knowhow, proudly passed on from generation to generation, our team succeeds in transferring our chosen artists’ original sculpture into another medium – wood. Together they craft highly collectable objects and sculptures with enduring appeal.

Modern Shapes Editions is a Belgian company, headquartered in the city of Antwerp. The company is a new offshoot of Modern Shapes Gallery, a progressive and supportive space for emerging and established artists.

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